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             Universal Lucky Numbers

It’s often said that making money through lottery is a game of chance & no one can actually predict the lottery numbers. Of course winning a jackpot has to be in your karma (destiny) and if you are the chosen one, no need to speculate or predict as money will follow you. Having said that, people ask the question “Isn’t there any way to improve my probability of winning” at least in Pick3 or Pick4 or Horse Racing?

Improving your odds for winning a lottery isn’t all about being a good guesser or playing your favorite/lucky numbers. Few things that can help are –
Getting your horoscope examined to know about the luck factor from such pursuits
Following the universal number & combining in your analysis to predict the most likely numbers. 
And last but not the least, following Intuition or Dream Analysis – If you have a good dream like meeting friends, loved ones or receiving the blessings of some revered master/Divine beings then you can try your luck on such days.

Universal Lucky Number - Every one is aware of Individual lucky numbers or favorite number, which we rely on for deciding our car or bike number; or more enthusiasts, certainly tend to bet that number for Horse racing. Universal number is the number which is sync with the universe for that time frame. Here on New Age Astro, you can know the universal number on daily basis.

You can certainly add your lucky number for the day, along with universal lucky number to maximize the benefit out of it.

Try to play these number in Box format – like if today’s universal lucky number  is ‘113’, then try playing on 113, 131, 311; Also if you strongly feel about number ‘4’ or ‘5’ on that particular day, just try to add that as well. So your final number would be 115, 114 in a Box format.

Speculation or Gambling is purely done at one’s own risk. We just try to give the universal lucky number for that day. How & which number will appear is certainly not in any body’s control. To make money from such pursuits you need to have to favorable combinations in your horoscope.

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